Volume 1, Spring 2019, ISSN 2816-914X

Published May 19, 2019

ISSN: 2816-914X

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Joshua Philip Humphrey | Whose Neighbourhood: Immigrant Inhabitation in The Ward
DOI: 10.17613/ysb3-7h86

Emily Margaret Barton | Wounds and Willful Objects: Art, Abject Sorrow and Adorno’s Totality

Tatiana Thoennes | Framing Parmigianino
DOI: 10.17613/051g-vc80

Elizabeth Frances Rose | Faith, Memory, and Barnyard Fowl: The Hen and Chicks Sculpture of the Basilica di Giovanni Battista at Monza
DOI: 10.17613/f6tb-y702

Erin Riddiford | The Elizabethan Sea
DOI: 10.17613/rg1x-5068